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    Behind the Scenes of a Video Shoot in Memphis City Schools

    by Swikar Patel posted January 16, 2014

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    For the multimedia package that accompanied our Quality Counts 2014 report on the Memphis school system, we moved away from a more traditional narrative video-story approach, and instead highlighted individual voices in the community. They spoke about what is working, what’s not, and their hopes for the future of the city school system.

    Before even heading out to Memphis, I worked with our video producer and Web team to brainstormĀ a simple and effective concept. That type of planning allowed me to travel light and to carry only what I needed. One continuous light, a reflector, and a flashlight was the lighting setup. A single white sheet for the background and a shallow depth of field brought out a consistent look. I was able to set this up and tear it down in about 25 minutes, which allowed me to work with some of our subjects’ tight schedules.

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