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    Boca Siega High School

    GULFPORT, FLORIDA - MAY 26, 2016:  

Boca Ciega's valedictorian Da'Jhai Monroe, 17, is graduating with a 4.7 weighted GPA and going to Florida State University to study Biology and Public Policy. She was also accepted to Cornell University. "Overall I think I've gained a lot of confidence from being in high school, when I first came in I was kind of shy and introverted. And, I guess the more years I progressed, I started to understand my own potential." 

Boca Ciega High School's senior class is about 340 students with an addition 15-18 early graduates (students graduating a year early, at the end of their junior year). Approximately 75 percent of Boca Ciega's graduating seniors will be heading off to a college or university, with the remaining graduates geared toward the military, technical school or the work force. The 2014-2015 school year saw a 90 percent graduation rate for black students and a slightly lower graduation rate for white students -- at 87.79 percent. They have an annual event called "Let Them Eat Cake" to celebrate the seniors that are continuing their education. They have cake, a pep rally, play silly games, get to meet the other students heading to the same place they are, and get applauded by their peers as each individual student's future plans are announced. 

(Photo by Melissa Lyttle for Education Week)

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